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Whitewater Wednesday or Thursday: Leadership learned on the river.

“I’m not mad, I’m disappointed…” One of the owners. What the hell ya doin’? The other owner Those whom were there, know…. she WAS also mad…. and she should have been… Sorry Liz. For the past few weeks my wife and I have been undertaking the task of renovating two properties. One is a mid…

Whitewater Wednesday: Leadership and other stuff I learned on the river.

I have too much stuff. We moved last week. A team of five dudes over two days to move us one mile down the road and seven days later we are still unpacking boxes. For six or seven years while I was chasing whitewater I could fit everything I owned in a Jeep Cherokee. I…

Whitewater Wednesday: Leadership learned on the river.

“I prefer to learn the hard way.” Wade I rarely learn from other people’s mistakes, and as a leader learning from mistakes is key to education and leadership development. One leadership lesson all good leaders must learn is knowing when to make the correct decision, even when it’s not a popular decision. I am not…

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