swallow a frog

“If you know you have to swallow a frog, swallow it first thing in the morning. If there are two frogs, swallow the big one first.” – Mark Twain

Prioritise the first, biggest or most important tasks in your day first.  Then, no matter what, you end the day feeling productive. 

In life, leadership, marriage, or ministry, we all have the things we are not as passionate about or we just downright don’t want to do. My natural inclination is to put it off.  However, some things have to get done.  Two things I hate, taking out the trash, and conflict, But my wife says it’s my job to take out the trash, and God says conflict is an opportunity to live out the gospel.  Putting these off leads to stress and anxiety and early death.   Swallow the big frogs first, save the passion till after lunch.