Revitalising Churches in Transition or Crisis.

Just days before the lockdown, I was in Orlando, Florida, at our VitalChurch Ministry Intentional Interim Pastor Training event.  On the first morning when I went down to the lobby of the hotel for my breakfast, on the front page of the USA Today newspaper was the headline.  The Tongue is Fire – Southern Baptist church fractures over secrets and spiritual abuse.  With all that is going on in the world, a story of a small church and the pain and emotional distress caused by conflict, misuse of power and idolatry made the headlines. 

Unfortunately in the United Kingdom this story is far too familiar, although it might not make the headlines anymore, this is an experience that impacts too many lives here in our own country.   

Not all is doom and gloom, there is a resurgence in gospel centred church planting, and new expressions of church are popping up everywhere. During this time of Covid – 19 Pandemic bible sales are up, online church attendance is increasing, people are looking for comfort, truth, and answers to life’s big questions . So now, more than ever, there is a real need not only for new churches, but for the revitalisation of existing churches in the UK. With a rich history and resources, long serving churches have real potential to have some of the greatest positive impacts on people and the communities they live in.  This is not a season to wait, it’s a season of opportunity and action.

How can the Church best serve your community today?