Feeling Lost?

“Be Prepared” 

Boy Scouts of America Moto

As a Boy Scout, orienting a map and compass was an essential skill, and one of the first Merit Badges earned. Being only a few degrees off on the compass over a long distance can mean missing your destination by miles. If you get lost tramping around in the unknown wilds of Northwest Arkansas or in the Rocky Mountains of Philmont Scout Ranch, STOP, don’t keep going forward. Go back to where you knew where you were and reset your bearings, re-orient, set a new course.

For those of us that go to church, pray, have our quiet times, we can still often feel lost, alone, and distant from God. It’s pretty understandable the year we are all having in 2020. It’s OK, go back to when you knew where you were, where your vision was clear, or you felt close to God.  Remember, read old journal entries, blog posts, encouraging letters from grandma, ask a mentor. Get your bearings, re-orient yourself, then re-plot the next waypoint. Don’t out run your compass.  

Do you know where you are?  Which way are you heading? What is your next waypoint? It’s OK to Stop, it might be time to take a step back before heading into new territory.