Make Biscuits Great Again

A few have asked for my biscuit recipe, here it is. (Think buttermilk scones without the sugar for the UK folk.)

Place cast iron skillet or pie dish in oven and preheat oven to 180 C / 355 F

Start with a fresh cup of coffee. I like Colombian beans


  • 315 g/ 11 oz      Plain / All Purpose  Flour
  • Wholemeal flour for dusting
  • 4 tsp                    Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp                    Salt
  • 58g / 2 oz total  Lard and/ or Unsalted Butter (I like 1oz of each)
  • 1cup / 250ml     Sour Cream + 2 tbs milk  /  or use Buttermilk

Sift dry ingredients.

Cut the lard and or butter into small cubes.

Cut into flour mix until crumbly. You can use a food processor but don’t over mix.

Get in there with your hands and quickly squeeze and rub to make some flakes.

Flakey goodness!

Thin down 250ml of sour cream, or use buttermilk or 1tbsp of vinegar in 1 cup whole milk.

Dump the wet into the dry and fold it in.

Fold until just incorporated. Don’t over mix.

Dust counter with wholemeal flour. This will add a nice nutty flavour, plus some fibre, aka gut lube.

Crumbly mess is good, your hands are going to get messy! That’s ok.

Gently yet confidently, gather and fold 5-7 times and form a nice round.

Shape to desired thickness. I like thick for tall biscuits, but if your cutter has a top you don’t want your cutter to compact the dough when cutting.

Cut straight down then turn. Don’t turn while cutting down it seals the edge and you don’t get as much oven spring.

Let’em rest 5 minutes. They start to puff a little.

Place them in the hot pan. I like cast iron, but use what you got. And for all the cast iron fanatics who say you should never use soap, if you made garlic, chilli, salmon the night before, please use some soap. Life will not end, your cast iron will be fine and your biscuits won’t taste like low tide.

If you cut them this thick you don’t get very many, I might have gone overboard. Should get 5-7 depending on the size of your cutter.

Place in oven and turn it up to 220 C / 425 F Bake in rising oven.

Bake until golden. 12-15 min for me in a fan oven. Keep an eye on em’.

Use an obscene amount of butter and your favourite jam, jelly, honey, sorghum, or clotted cream.

If you ever wondered what an Angel would taste like baked to a golden brown…