The Tyranny of the Urgent

“I can only do that for you today…”, “That has to be done by Monday”, “I know you started this but I need your focus on that”, “Things have changed since yesterday, we are now going in this new direction” “Honey, I booked the movers for next week” “We will deliver your package that you have been waiting for between 10am and 3pm”

We have created a culture of, “your way, right away” leading many of us we feel like we live under the tyranny of the urgent. Living for the weekend and wobbling through a vacation like leg day at the gym.

“Then on the seventh day He rested from all His work.” For crying out loud even God took a day to chill.

Rest, life is not a race, it’s a journey. Rest heals, rest re-fuels, rest prepares, rest rebuilds. The body, mind, and spirit need rest in the same way as it needs exercise, stimulation and fuel.

Avoid the tyranny of the urgent by scheduling in your rest and holding fast. Rest days are not wasted days, they make work days more productive.

Sleep in and then eat pancakes.

300 ml sour cream

3/4 cups plain/ all purpose flour / or gluten free flour is awesome.

1tsp baking soda / bicarbonate soda

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbls sugar

2 eggs.

Mix the dry and fold into the wet. Don’t over mix lumpy is ok. Add blueberries if you wish. Cook Then serve with warm maple syrup, bacon or sausage. This make about 9 pancakes.

Rest up for tomorrow, cause butts don’t kick themselves.

Dear Hipster Coffee shop

Help me understand why you serve me lukewarm coffee. Coffee roasted at 180 – 250c can’t burn with boiling water (100 c). Dishwater coffee is bad.

Help me understand why you turn your nose up at a Mr Coffee drip coffee maker and then serve me pourover like it’s a different thing.

Help me understand why you have a tip jar on the counter for take away coffee.

Help me understand why you look baffled when I finally have enough stamps on my “loyalty” card and all I want is a cup of hot black coffee.

Oh what’s that? I should just go to McDonalds…. Well, they serve black coffee just the way I ask for it, and it’s so hot they have been sued. At more than half the price, and I only need 6 stamps to get a free one? That is not a bad Idea….I think I will.

5 steps to perfect smoked brisket every time.

“60% of the time, it works every time”

Brian Fantana

Step One: Choose the meat.

Finding a reputable supplier with quality meat is the first and most essential step in the process. Buy the best meat you can afford, well marbled with a good layer of fat. If you live in the UK, beef from the US, Australia, or Argentina provide the fat levels that can withstand the low and slow smoking that brisket needs.

Step Two: Ship that brisket to someone with a smoker and knows how to use it.

Like a form of OCD, a Pit Master can’t help but clear their schedule and cook any quality free meat that happens to show up at their door. “sorry honey, I can’t go to your dance recital, daddy has to sit and watch this meat cook for the next 16 hours.”

Step Three: Invitation and info gathering.

Drop hints, bribes, or “I was just in the neighbourhood…” Whatever it takes for you to be there when the brisket is ready to be eaten. Ask leading questions. The Backyard BBQ Boss, when asked how the family holiday was will simply say “fine”, but if you ask, how did you get that brisket so juicy and moist? Prepare to take notes, class is in session. In this case, an overnight 15 hour smoke with about a 3 hour rest.

Step Four: Enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Just as tender as a mother’s love. Few things bring joy and soul peace like a perfectly smoked brisket. The flat, fatty point, burnt ends, whatever your favourite cut a smoked brisket is an explosion of flavour and warmth that reminds you everything is going to be ok in the world.

Step Five: Acquisition

Once the meat sweats have subsided and energy has been restored following a nap, find a way to distract the pit master and load the smoking apparatus into your own vehicle. Then, make your escape with your newly acquired knowledge and tools. Wave, smile and shower your host with praise and accolades. Blinded with praise and pride, it will be hours before the master of mouth-watering meat will realise the depth of your dastardly deed.

To the masters of Butts, Racks, Briskets and Breasts we salute you.

Thanks @TOON.bbq we had a fantastic weekend.

Make Biscuits Great Again

A few have asked for my biscuit recipe, here it is. (Think buttermilk scones without the sugar for the UK folk.)

Place cast iron skillet or pie dish in oven and preheat oven to 180 C / 355 F

Start with a fresh cup of coffee. I like Colombian beans


  • 315 g/ 11 oz      Plain / All Purpose  Flour
  • Wholemeal flour for dusting
  • 4 tsp                    Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp                    Salt
  • 58g / 2 oz total  Lard and/ or Unsalted Butter (I like 1oz of each)
  • 1cup / 250ml     Sour Cream + 2 tbs milk  /  or use Buttermilk

Sift dry ingredients.

Cut the lard and or butter into small cubes.

Cut into flour mix until crumbly. You can use a food processor but don’t over mix.

Get in there with your hands and quickly squeeze and rub to make some flakes.

Flakey goodness!

Thin down 250ml of sour cream, or use buttermilk or 1tbsp of vinegar in 1 cup whole milk.

Dump the wet into the dry and fold it in.

Fold until just incorporated. Don’t over mix.

Dust counter with wholemeal flour. This will add a nice nutty flavour, plus some fibre, aka gut lube.

Crumbly mess is good, your hands are going to get messy! That’s ok.

Gently yet confidently, gather and fold 5-7 times and form a nice round.

Shape to desired thickness. I like thick for tall biscuits, but if your cutter has a top you don’t want your cutter to compact the dough when cutting.

Cut straight down then turn. Don’t turn while cutting down it seals the edge and you don’t get as much oven spring.

Let’em rest 5 minutes. They start to puff a little.

Place them in the hot pan. I like cast iron, but use what you got. And for all the cast iron fanatics who say you should never use soap, if you made garlic, chilli, salmon the night before, please use some soap. Life will not end, your cast iron will be fine and your biscuits won’t taste like low tide.

If you cut them this thick you don’t get very many, I might have gone overboard. Should get 5-7 depending on the size of your cutter.

Place in oven and turn it up to 220 C / 425 F Bake in rising oven.

Bake until golden. 12-15 min for me in a fan oven. Keep an eye on em’.

Use an obscene amount of butter and your favourite jam, jelly, honey, sorghum, or clotted cream.

If you ever wondered what an Angel would taste like baked to a golden brown…