5 steps to perfect smoked brisket every time.

“60% of the time, it works every time”

Brian Fantana

Step One: Choose the meat.

Finding a reputable supplier with quality meat is the first and most essential step in the process. Buy the best meat you can afford, well marbled with a good layer of fat. If you live in the UK, beef from the US, Australia, or Argentina provide the fat levels that can withstand the low and slow smoking that brisket needs.

Step Two: Ship that brisket to someone with a smoker and knows how to use it.

Like a form of OCD, a Pit Master can’t help but clear their schedule and cook any quality free meat that happens to show up at their door. “sorry honey, I can’t go to your dance recital, daddy has to sit and watch this meat cook for the next 16 hours.”

Step Three: Invitation and info gathering.

Drop hints, bribes, or “I was just in the neighbourhood…” Whatever it takes for you to be there when the brisket is ready to be eaten. Ask leading questions. The Backyard BBQ Boss, when asked how the family holiday was will simply say “fine”, but if you ask, how did you get that brisket so juicy and moist? Prepare to take notes, class is in session. In this case, an overnight 15 hour smoke with about a 3 hour rest.

Step Four: Enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Just as tender as a mother’s love. Few things bring joy and soul peace like a perfectly smoked brisket. The flat, fatty point, burnt ends, whatever your favourite cut a smoked brisket is an explosion of flavour and warmth that reminds you everything is going to be ok in the world.

Step Five: Acquisition

Once the meat sweats have subsided and energy has been restored following a nap, find a way to distract the pit master and load the smoking apparatus into your own vehicle. Then, make your escape with your newly acquired knowledge and tools. Wave, smile and shower your host with praise and accolades. Blinded with praise and pride, it will be hours before the master of mouth-watering meat will realise the depth of your dastardly deed.

To the masters of Butts, Racks, Briskets and Breasts we salute you.

Thanks @TOON.bbq we had a fantastic weekend.